View Full Version : LiveTradeSystem`s support timing

06-11-2015, 05:36 AM
Hello members,

Does LiveTradeSystem`s support timing is available with 24hours,
as with my current service feeder I am not getting that much timing and could not reach them during morning times due to running market and after market hours they are not available..

But it will be easier from my end if the support time is for 24 hours so that even at night I can visit them either for query or for any issues that I face…

09-16-2015, 04:47 AM
Brother LTS support timming is avaliable till market timing... rhis much I can say.. as with them I have not faced any such software realted issues,

I hope till that time if you face any issue you can sort it out with them

for any further query you can contact them.