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04-19-2015, 10:35 AM
CF Industries Holdings, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer products. The Company operates in two segments: the nitrogen segment and the phosphate segment. The Company’s principal products in the nitrogen segment are ammonia, granular urea, urea ammonium nitrate solution (UAN) and ammonium nitrate (AN).Its other nitrogen products include urea liquor, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and aqua ammonia, which are sold primarily to its industrial customers. Its principal products in the phosphate segment are diammonium phosphate (DAP) and monoammonium phosphate (MAP). The Company’s market and distribution facilities are concentrated in the midwestern United States and other agricultural areas of the United States and manufacturing facilities and phosphate fertilizer products from its Florida phosphate operations through its Tampa port facility.

Official website: www.cfindustries.com