View Full Version : S&P downgrades UK, Asian Markets rise on South Korean stimulus

06-28-2016, 07:52 AM
The highlight yesterday was S&P (https://www.dynamiclevels.com/en/s-and-p-500-index) downgrading the UK from a rating of AAA to AA and gave a negative outlook. This downgrade might affect the Europe. The International markets were falling yesterday on UK downgrade. The South Korean stimulus of $8.5 Billion has resulted in Asian markets rising in the morning.

Nifty is expected to open 24 points gap down at 8070, as per SGX (https://www.dynamiclevels.com/en/sgx-nifty-future-index) at 8:30 am IST. Today would be a wait and watch day for Nifty (https://www.dynamiclevels.com/en/nifty-share-price) as the markets would be reacting to the UK downgrade and the Stimulus by South Korea.