View Full Version : Nifty Testing 8400 Levels amidst Strengthening Asian Markets

07-04-2016, 08:42 AM
The global markets are still holding strong on the backdrop of expectations as indicated by the falling bond yields worldwide with UK's yield well below 1% at 0.85%. The Asian markets are continuing their buying spree with shanghai composite breaking its 1 month High. Other Asian peers including Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand have surged too discounting any negative impact of the BREXIT.

Nifty is expected to open 45 points gap up at 8400, as per SGX at 8:25 am IST. Nifty (https://www.dynamiclevels.com/en/nifty-share-price) is expected to hold strong going forward as clearly indicated by the Smallcap which has given a break out above its 5 month high of 5758 with its next target at 5972.