View Full Version : $200 Bonus by FP Markets - Australian based company!

01-12-2017, 05:02 PM
Itís nothing big talking about $200 bonus because if you do Google than I can bet for over 1000 of results to appear. So, why I opened the thread?

I think people who read the tittle might have already understood, but as per those who havenít. Itís clear cut that all the results that appears are more by brokers licensed by offshore companies, so the freebies they offer is more of show off and fake type, but with FP Markets (http://offers.fpmarkets.com.au/), itís out of equation.

They are licensed by ASIC and is 100% Australian operated company, so even though the amount is only $200, itís to level of $1000 to do with genuine levels and no catch in there with rather straight forward policy as well! So, itís something WORTH sharing!