View Full Version : Porinju Veliyath in Indian Stock Market

08-02-2017, 06:59 AM
Porinju Veliyath chose Geojit Securities as his first value pick and acquired 5 percent of the company at a single digit price; the company had a market cap of around Rs 3 crore at the time. The share price has gone up to Rs 2,500 in the last 17 years. His other success was Shreyas Shipping which he identified at Rs 20 in 2012 and and booked most of the profits at its peak near Rs. 700.
Porinju Veliyath believes that the Indian market today is a goldmine if we look beyond Nifty and the fancied stocks we can clearly see hundreds of multi-baggers, even after the big rally of the last two years. There is a big opportunity if we can identify these positive changes early. His team is very keen in investing small cap and mid cap turn around stories.
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