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Henry Patrik
01-27-2018, 04:32 AM

The number of growing ICOs is just increasing day by day, but how many of them are there for something that is good for the humanity? I believe none!

But now, Pay It Forward (PIF) is coming to create something that will help the whole humanity. PIF is the latest addition to Cryptocurrency family, but with a unique touch! Its the way that is going to make the LATEST trend when it comes to giving!

The ultimate goal for PIF is to implement and integrate the PIF Token platform into charity institutions and serviced based organizations to accept and utilize our donation, tipping, and rewards system on a very local level and scaling into many regions. With the use of blockchain technology, it will ensure transparency, efficiency, convenience, and lowering the costs.


So, now is your chance to join something that is not going to make things easy for you, but it is going to make you feeling better from inside, with the Initial Crowdsale going on now on EtherDelta until $285,000 soft cap is reached, its your chance to get in and contribute to such a major cause. You can receive up to 15% bonus as well.


Get further details here

Official Website -

- http://piftoken.co/
- http://piftoken.co/crowdsale/
- https://etherdelta.com/#0x28b5b331dfe6e4c350a0531b9a0af3b12b5fcc83-ETH

Roadmap/Team -

- http://piftoken.co/roadmap/
- http://piftoken.co/team/

Social Media Link -

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/PIF_Token