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Henry Patrik
03-23-2018, 08:17 PM
How tough it is for us to travel? Well, not entirely all that tough, but the real difficulty starts when itís about hotel bookings, as that is the hardest part not because it is hard to do the reservation, but more to do with finding the fitting choice. Thatís where HTLCoin is here to make a difference, not just a difference but a MAJOR difference.

It is the FIRST Booking system in Crypto World. Itís a revolutionary system, which will not just ensure easy online reservations process for all the receptive structures (hotels/b&bs/hostels/apartments/etc.), but also better service across the globe in terms of cost as well.


HTLCoin is a 360-degree solution with a very low cost and a maximum security obtaining a real utility tangible and concrete from the many nominated blockchains, coins, and their possessing community.

And with a team that combines some of the finest names in ICO industry along with hotel owners putting together their views, it has helped HTLCoin come to life to help owners of hotels, tourists and all involved not just to save money, but to get better deals! And since the payment is through cryptocurrency, it assures quick transactions and entirely secure. But thatís not ALL!

People joining the project will have the luxury of Hotel Booking, as this promises to be the No.1 site in the future for online reservations in the hotel sectors with transactions 100% through HTLCoin, which not only reduces the cost but makes it comfortable. While one can do staking, exchange, trading and much more.


Currently, itís in the ďPresaleĒ stage with the price at $0.25 per token, it is to end on 29th March. Once thatís done, itís the first stage of ICO that will start with a price at $0.30 and increase $0.05 each day for 40 days and eventually, the value will close out at $2.25 on the last day of the first stage of the ICO sales.

Once all the stages of ICO sales are completed, the final price of the token will be $5.00, so people joining now could literally 20x their investment! Do not miss such life changing deal!

You can check here for further info:


Official Website:

- https://htlcoin.co/


- https://htlcoin.co/files/HTL.pdf

Social Media Link:

- Telegram: https://t.me/HTLCOIN
- Email: helpdesk@htlcoin.co