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Henry Patrik
05-06-2018, 09:06 PM
Imagine how tough life is when you have to separately purchase important routine items. It becomes incredibly challenging, as not only it takes more time, but it cost more and often rewards are not satisfying either! With such combination, it leaves people in complicated situations. But thanks to the new technologies coming through, itís all becoming easier. Same is the scenario building up in the world of investment. With the blockchain technology growth, it has already taken the world by surprise and in there comes something bigger/better and profitable through the use of Blockchain technology.

Introducing you to one of the recent sensation First Crypto ETF with an ICO! It is the SMARTEST yet simplest way to participate in the world of Cryptocurrencies. With First Crypto ETF, itís the easiest way to get into things with a portfolio of cryptocurrencies traded through ONE token!

https://preview.ibb.co/ch9Sin/E.png (https://www.firstcryptoetf.com)

With First Crypto ETF, each buyer will obtain a token representing a portfolio of 10 sufficiently liquid and attractive cryptocurrencies. The token value will be linked to Cryptocurrency development. So, with that users are able to get simple, easy and transparent opportunity to be part of the Cryptocurrencies. Instead of purchasing a number of different cryptocurrencies, all you need is a SINGLE token!

First Crypto ETF comes with loads and loads of benefits from no entry or exit fees, 24/7 tradable, transparency and much more, which not only makes it easier to make money but also to be able to be at ease with the whole process that runs through and provides users with the confidence required for investments.


First Crypto ETF is not just there to help users with saving time, but it is ideal for saving you the cost, with analyzing and making the difficult choice of which Cryptocurrency to buy. The portfolio is managed by an innovative intelligent technology called the ďAuthorize EngineĒ, itís a technology using a unique programming code tailored to the needs of Crypto management with precision of AI.

It will manage purchases and sales within the portfolio to maintain the token price on par with the portfolioís value. All this process is absolutely transparent for the uses, which makes First Crypto ETF amongst the hottest creation.


First Crypto ETF comes across by a team thatís with some of the BEST minds in the field having plenty of experience behind as well. The team of First Crypto ETF is 24/7 active to ensure comfort and ease in every possible way, which allows the users to be at ease with putting their hard earned money into it.

That's not ALL, with First Crypto ETF, there will be "Black Card", which will allow customers to buy via a Credit or Debit card through our website. It will be loaded with a pre-defined quantity of ETFs representing a basket of Cryptocurrencies and delivered with Password and Seed phrase under the HIGHEST security standards.


So, this is the opportunity to join in where users wonít have to BUY 10 coins and have 10 WALLETS for it! But with First Crypto ETF, it will enable users to track the value of 10 coins in a portfolio with just 1 ETH wallet!

Check below for further info:


Official Website:

- https://www.firstcryptoetf.com


- https://firstcryptoetf.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/FirstCryptoETFwp_ICO.pdf

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