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08-01-2018, 08:27 AM
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When the Internet economy is booming, the sharing economy is in the air. How can we get the trains of the times, and take the opportunity to become an excellent co-constructor and sharer of the great era?

Responding to the aspirations of the investors, HORAE should be born in time to realize your dream!

一、The historical mission of HORAE — discover the value of the blockchain

HORAE is committed to creating a golden platform for venture capitalists who dare to challenge and venture to realize their dreams of venture capital:

(1) Converging new energy in the Internet era

Based on the technology of “blockchain”, HORAE scientifically uses this “unorganized organizational strength” to build the best platform of investment and entrepreneurship in the Internet era.

(2) Creating milestones in the era of value Internet

Value Internet has gradually transformed traditional central business companies into distributed non-profit communities. The traditional binary-opposed business model has been transformed into a shared economy in which everyone participates in and everyone gets benefits. The digital tide of assets has transformed the traditional equity in the financial sector into a token investment.

https://i.imgur.com/y31KNz7.png (https://medium.com/@HoraeProject/horae-open-a-new-era-of-token-investment-2cbf2cc53a2e)

HORAE provides professional token investment management services for non-professional retail investors, and then develops this service to thousands of professional token investment managers through decentralized platforms, and finally allows retail investors to invest in the blockchain of 2.0 era.

First, build a truly trustworthy, transparent, efficient, and highly circulated token investment management service platform;

Second, attract global professional token investors to participate enthusiastically, so that superior private token investors can stand out;

Third, let more retail investors benefit!

二、HORAE’s goals and responsibilities

HORAE is to lead the era of token investment 2.0, establish a new generation of digital asset management platform, and create the “Berke Hill” in the blockchain era!

HORAE is committed to building a decentralized token investment management community, to creating a professional, trusted, intelligent, efficient, open, transparent and extremely mobile platform for professional token asset managers!

三、HORAE’s ace products — — DAP

In the new era of token investment 2.0, Horae will launch a new digital asset investment ecosystem in the world, launching a new generation of digital asset management products DAP — a token-based digital asset portfolio.

https://i.imgur.com/CVaHEhC.png (https://medium.com/@HoraeProject/horae-open-a-new-era-of-token-investment-2cbf2cc53a2e)

Horae itself does not produce any token investment products, and all blockchain asset products (DAP and globally distributed computing power) come from Horae-certified professional investment managers and institutions.

As a third party, Horae will become an open and transparent bridge linking the vast number of digital asset investors and professional investment managers, eventually leading the era of token investment 2.0!

Or go ahead, or advance together, or follow, and enter the “everyone’s age” early, and soon become the tide of the era of “building and sharing”!

Change is in the air. The bright future starts with the wise choices!

HORAE will be available in August!

Contact information:

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