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Henry Patrik
10-08-2018, 07:15 PM
https://i.imgur.com/8VdIK7U.png (https://www.connecty.io/ico/)

Since the advent of the internet, innovators have been finding it difficult to commercialize their ideas. There are so many obstacles plaguing the current knowledge ecosystem, some of which are high cost, inadequate funding, a difficulty in acquiring experts, and delays in getting information, and seamless access to knowledge. These obstacles are a cog in the developmental wheel of the innovation market, which ultimately leads to disconnect between knowledge creators and buyers of knowledge.

To resolve these seaming challenges, the team behind Connecty created a platform which leverages the blockchain technology:

Connecty is a blockchain-powered platform which is tailored towards the knowledge economy. The intention of the Connecty platform is to connect two distinct worlds – innovative world and the world of knowledge in order to revitalize the knowledge economy. The innovative world consists of start-ups, big or small companies. On the other hand, the world of knowledge consists of experts, scientists, professionals, etc.

Connecty aims to be one of the best platforms where those seeking for answers can connect with those with the requisite skills and knowledge to answer the questions. The Connecty platform can translate any scientific request or jargon to a readable and simple language owing to the incorporation of artificial intelligence technology.

Connecty will resolve the shortage of experts in the knowledge ecosystem, Connecty parades experts and professionals from various fields, including, psychology, economic sciences, biology, mathematics, and physical sciences, among others.

Connecty is one of the safest, fastest, and seamless platforms on the blockchain. The platform uses the blockchain technology and smart contract to execute users’ request. Being a secure platform, users of the platform are guaranteed of maximum safety as they invest on the platform.

Connecty Token: A Currency of Global Knowledge


In order to ensure a seamless operation on the connecty platform, the team behind Connecty created its own dedicated token (CTY) due to the following reasons:

• Knowledge owners or creators receiving payment for their services without stress: Most scientists are not moved by money, particularly fiat-based currencies. CTY was created so that knowledge owners can purchase other knowledge on the platform and hence create new knowledge.

• Circular Knowledge Economy: The knowledge economy market is currently fraught with the hurdle of limited knowledge exchange between people. The CTY token was created to remove this hurdle. Knowledge owners will spend the CTY tokens on the platform to acquire more knowledge or convert their earned CTY tokens into any fiat-based currency of their choice. Also, knowledge seekers can use the CTY token to purchase knowledge from the knowledge owners like scientists, experts, and professionals.

• Insecurity: Most of the blockchain-powered platforms are highly insecure. But the CTY token not only guarantees security, but it also comes with a low operating cost.


Connecty is a platform where innovators can seamlessly commercialize their ideas in return for money without any inherent challenges. Knowledge creators can use the Connecty token to buy goods and services at the Connecty knowledge store. Therefore, if you have a burning desire to sell your ideas, the Connecty platform is where to be. To join the Connecty platform, visit www.connecty.io