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Henry Patrik
10-10-2018, 11:30 PM
It's a formidable life to begin your own offline or online shop, but if you put your effort and prepare for some of the major problems that are must be guaranteed to come around and attack you. Hence, you'll find the experience rewarding, both financially and mentally burdens.

It's crucial to realize that problems which are going to arise in the future days. Whether big or small, they are concealed around the corner to knock your business to the ground or top peak, so it's wise to prepare a plan for each commercial problem when you can run into as a beginner or intermediate.


Major problems you may find on running your e-commerce business.

1: A Lack of Urgency from Customers
2: Misleading Product and Website Data
3: Industry Changes That Make Your Products Obsolete
4: Competitors Who Try to Undercut You
5: Not Being Able to Handle All the Support Traffic0

0Digitized transaction details can be much easier to audit by any computing device than manually audit the conventional ledger books which we are using presently. Furthermore, to make merchandise store to use digitized currency much easier

To solve these kinds of problems in this field, we are introducing TYME. It is the modern operating system for brick & mortar merchants. We give consumers a sophisticated, simple way to transact with the merchants they love, while merchants are able to create personalized experiences automatically by tying in the likes & dislikes of their guests. Our intuitive platform will leverage a Blockchain layer to provide a highly customized, frictionless, and infrastructure-light architecture that promotes loyalty across brands & their guests.

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The Next Evolution of Point-of-Sale - Personalized, Intuitive, Self-Service

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Tyme to Fix L-Commerce

Local Commerce (L-Commerce) needs help to compete with E-Commerce.

You have probably heard many claims about revolutionizing commerce. We did a bit of that at Revel Systems, a company that remains a leader in Point of Sale by working with both some of the largest enterprise chains and tens of thousands of small and midsize businesses. We know what it takes to build, deploy, and support a new technology platform, and we believe that we can reinvent mobile commerce by decentralizing the shopping process and leveraging consumer mobile phones in new ways.


Tyme Commerce plans to customize the shopping experience for both merchants and consumers, reduce omnichannel technology fragmentation, enable consumers to transact on their own terms, and give Brick & Mortar merchants an advanced technology platform to once again compete effectively against Online Commerce. Additionally, we plan to deploy a universal Loyalty platform built on Blockchain.



We want to enable physical merchants to win against e-commerce while becoming the natural go-to transaction vehicle for consumers. By decreasing reliance on online shopping and the environmental impact of e-commerce, we can help local communities thrive by bringing back local shopping.


We plan to build Tyme Commerce as a hybrid commerce & data company. We expect that Tyme Commerce will initially plug into the existing point of sale infrastructure of SMBs and Enterprises and help them run better, faster, and more profitably. For example, merchants could have the power to drive traffic into their stores during slow times by offering higher loyalty incentives priced in cryptographic tokens. Plus, lines in stores have overworked cashiers and may become obsolete as consumers buy and pay using their phones and the merchant is just left with filling the orders. So Tyme Commerce is starting out by being a commerce company.


But we also expect to increasingly become a data company. Imagine if merchants and supply chain vendors could receive real-time information about product demand and consumer preferences - what would that data be worth to the industry? And imagine if the consumers could purchase their favorite food and retail items locally, using variable pricing, while maximizing their rewards, helping local merchants in their own communities, and decreasing the carbon footprint and ecological impact of long-distance commerce. We believe that the value of this data and the benefit to the industry could eventually exceed the revenue from pure commerce.

Merchant & Consumer App

We believe that Blockchain and cryptographic tokens will play an integral part within the Tyme Commerce platform. As an enabling component of the Tyme Commerce business model, we expect to deploy a cryptographic token using a Blockchain platform layer.

The cryptographic token will be denoted "TymeCash" or "TymeCash Units" or "TCUs." We anticipate that TymeCash cryptographic tokens could serve as a currency for products, services, and data, and could act as a loyalty mechanism to incentivize consumer and merchant adoption.


The Tyme Commerce platform will facilitate consumer purchases from merchants and transactions among other entities operating on the Tyme Commerce platform, and such transactions could be priced in TymeCash or may generate credits or debits denominated in TymeCash. In other words, we expect that TymeCash could act as both a loyalty and incentive mechanism and as a currency that can be used to pay for transactions within the Tyme Commerce platforms. Dynamic pricing and variable incentives may be easily adjusted using TymeCash based on AI rules and real-time marketplace data. For more information about our thoughts on TymeCash and Blockchain, please read our white paper.



Unify Fragmented Commerce Ecosystem







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