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Vietnam has been and will continue to be, an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. However, Vietnamís stock market remains in the MSCI Frontier Markets Index probably at least until 2019. So before you decide to invest in Vietnamís stock market, make sure that you know the points. This article guides step by step for foreign investors who want to invest in Vietnamís stock market.
Step 1: Choose a brokerage securities firm for opening a trading securities account

At the end of 2017, Vietnamís stock market has 77 securities companies. So which company the investor should choose among a bunch of companies. The article below may help you make your decision easier.
Whichís brokerage securities are the best for foreign investors. (https://vnstockmarket.net/investment-guide/top-10-securrities-companies-foreign-investors)
When you decide to invest, you have to choose a brokerage securities companies for opening a stock account. In general, foreign investors only need a valid passport to open the account when opening the account at HSC Inc.
How to open trading securities account in Vietnamís stock market. (https://vnstockmarket.net/intruction-opening-stock-account-foreign-investors/)
We recommend you should understand some important points you need to know before signing up services contracts with any securities companies.
Things foreign investors need to know before opening a trading securities account in Vietnamese stock market. (https://vnstockmarket.net/things-you-need-to-know-before-opening-a-stock-account-for-foreigner-in-vietnam/)

We also recommend you should go to the securities company with someone who speaks your language. They can help you understand the contract and communicate with the staffs. Contact us (https://vnstockmarket.net/open-a-stock-account-in-vietnam/), we would like to support you.
Step 2: Understand the regulation of the market
Before you begin to play a game you have to learn the ďhouse ruleĒ at first, and then you have to play better than anyone else.

Vietnam currently has two stock exchanges, the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) and the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), though the government has expressed an intention to merge them in the near future.
HSX trading regulation (https://vnstockmarket.net/investment-guide/hsx-trading-regulations)
HNX trading regulation (https://vnstockmarket.net/investment-guide/hnx-trading-regulations)
Trading guidances for derivatives market in Vietnam (https://vnstockmarket.net/trading-guidelines-for-derivatives-market-in-vietnam/)
After September 1st, 2015, a public company was not allowed to raise its foreign ownership ratio over 49%. But now foreign investors can own 100% stock of a public company if the public company doesnít operate in businesses relating to restricted or conditional business lines for foreign investment. Legal Guide to Investment in Vietnam (https://vnstockmarket.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/LegalGuidetoInvestmentinVietNam.pdf),

Step 3: Understand the Vietnamese stock market
You may experience in investing stock market in the US, HongKong or Indian stock market but each market they have some distinct features, and there is no better way to savvy the market that investors experience by themselves. Not only because of the different conditional economy and regulations but also the different business cultures. So we introduce you some tips to help you get used to it easier.

Firstly the investor should know the way how to approach the information in the stock market (https://vnstockmarket.net/how-to-approach-the-vietnamese-stock-market-for-foreign-investors/)
Some distinct features of the market Things you need to know about Vietnamese stock market (https://vnstockmarket.net/things-need-know-vietnams-stock-market/)
Some reports overview, analysis of the market: Reports (https://vnstockmarket.net/analysis-report/)
Daily market watch (https://vnstockmarket.net/category/vietnam-daily-market-watch/): if the investor does not have enough time to watch the market during the trading time. The investor can take a look at the daily market watch article for getting summary what happened and news about listed corporates.

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