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Henry Patrik
02-14-2019, 12:32 PM
Imagine the LIFE of a Forex Trader, especially in this modern age with competition such high! A trader faces problems that often are not even highlighted whether itís through lack of ability or to do with the fear, nervousness, pressure, and often greediness! With over 90% of the traders losing, it makes trading amongst the toughest mystery to solve! However, a market where over 8 Trillion USD is traded daily, itís too big of a number to be ignored in terms of potential! So is there any solution to this complicated scenario? Yes, there is a solution and itís called ďAIP-FXĒ https://i.imgur.com/taEq4O5.jpg (http://bit.ly/AIPcyt001)AIP-FX brings to you the revolutionary ďForex Insurance ModelĒ, a RISK-FREE Forex Trading model! With it, anyone and everyone is able to trade without any pressure due to the insurance coverage, which turns things into Zero Risk mode! https://i.imgur.com/UAaL8wo.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/uHag9gp.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/o8FVRhX.pngAIP is the leading provider of financial trading services in Seychelles, the worldís offshore financial center known for its robust, stable and strict financial regulations. Itís regulated by The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), providing the HIGHEST quality financial services and solutions to professionals, institutions and hedge funds globally. But just some Insurance Model wonít work! Having a reliable, trustworthy and proven broker too is the need of the hour! And that is where Charterprime comes into picture! The strategic partner of AIP-FX, providing an exceptional trading experience! https://i.imgur.com/3xbPd6I.pngCharterprime is a global international financial services and foreign exchange brokerage group established in 2012, and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in New Zealand, USA, China and Malaysia as well! Itís an STP & ECN broker, with some of the strictest financial services regulatory frameworks in the world, specifically Australia and New Zealand. Itís incorporated in New Zealand and registered with the Financial Services Providers Register (FSPR) (FSP no. 348606). With also incorporated in Australia and holds an Australian Financial Services License (ASFL) (AFSL no. 421210). Having such a high quality trading company to work with, the REAL benefit of the Forex Insurance Model is achieved for traders, especially the beginners. With also able to start up with limited amount, it is the IDEAL opportunity to join in! With AIP, you get endless opportunities to make BIG money through Introducing Broker, where you could make upto 30,00,000 or more! https://i.imgur.com/e9yGhEv.jpgBut that's not all, as there are countless more such opportunities available with AIP, the home for traders built by traders! Come and be part of this spectacular creation, which come rarely, so don't miss it! Get further details from below:Official Website: https://www.aip-fx.com (http://bit.ly/AIPcyt001)Telegram: https://t.me/AIPELITEhttps://i.imgur.com/pWmdVaw.jpg (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeUfny3WfHE)

07-23-2021, 04:13 PM
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