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Thread: Two Points Trading Strategy For Intraday Stock Market

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    When buying or selling shares in intraday stock market most people wonít pay much attention to these two crucial points. One is which will be the best possible buy or sell price of my shares in todayís market and secondly what will be the target price of my traded stocks today. These two points are very crucial and must need proper attention. I call it two pint trading strategy for intraday stock market and believe me it can be very successful method of smart investing in stock market tomorrow. There are many stock trading software available in market today which can be integrated with live stock exchange price feed and using such application you will get change in trend and new target and stop loss frequently during trading timings. I donít think such pulsating trading strategy, where you will see frequently changed stock price target and stop loss, is reliable trading application because it can confuse you with frequent new solutions emerging out from trading system every next movement. Professional traders must look for solid intraday stock market strategy where you need to watch very few key points during live stock trading session and in ideal stock trading strategy it must not be more than two as mentioned above which will give you possible trading range for your portfolio stocks today with stop loss.

    Let me elaborate on this with few recent trading report on my intraday picks on 28-Jun-2012 in Indian stock markets. I have posted these premarket on my Facebook timeline, on Google+, Linkedin groups and Twitter. I tried to provide my best technical advice about stock price target

    HEROMOTOCO - Bse code - 500182 - last close - 2055.3 - BUY - 2042.9 - SL - 2030.9 - for TG1 Rs. 2072.6 and for TG2 Rs. 2119 - stock opened at Rs. 2064 hit intraday high Rs. 2099 hit intraday low Rs. 2040 stock closed up by Rs. 44.9 from our recommended price , and closed at Rs. 2087.8

    GRASIM IND. - Bse code - 500300 - last close - 2562.8 - BUY - 2493.2 - SL - 2448.8 - for TG1 Rs. 2593.6 and for TG2 Rs. 2634.3 - stock opened at Rs. 2560 hit intraday high Rs. 2596 hit intraday low Rs. 2548.8 stock was during trading up 1.2 % from previous close and closed at Rs 2574.7

    SOLAR IND - Bse code - 532725 - last close - 914.9 - SELL - 938 - SL - 948.2 - for TG1 Rs. 894.6 and for TG2 Rs. 876.7 - stock opened at Rs. 916 hit intraday low Rs. 875 hit intraday high Rs. 916.3 stock was during trading down -4.4 % from previous close and closed at Rs 885.8

    KOTAK MAH.BK - Bse code - 500247 - last close - 571.6 - BUY - 566.6 - SL - 555.2 - for TG1 Rs. 578.1 and for TG2 Rs. 591 - stock opened at Rs. 573.2 hit intraday high Rs. 578.9 hit intraday low Rs. 568.1 stock was during trading up 1.2 % from previous close and closed at Rs 573.6

    WOCKHARDT - Bse code - 532300 - last close - 925.1 - BUY - 894.6 - SL - 874.7 - for TG1 Rs. 931.7 and for TG2 Rs. 947.4 - stock opened at Rs. 925 hit intraday high Rs. 939.8 hit intraday low Rs. 917 stock was during trading up 1.5 % from previous close and closed at Rs 937.2

    RAYMOND - Bse code - 500330 - last close - 398.1 - BUY - 393.6 - SL - 385.6 - for TG1 Rs. 401.1 and for TG2 Rs. 409.1 - stock opened at Rs. 400 hit intraday high Rs. 403 hit intraday low Rs. 392.5 stock closed up by Rs. 3.6 from our recommended price , and closed at Rs. 397.3

    MARUTISUZUK - Bse code - 532500 - last close - 1120.3 - BUY - 1111.2 - SL - 1081.9 - for TG1 Rs. 1128.4 and for TG2 Rs. 1150.9 - stock opened at Rs. 1125.9 hit intraday high Rs. 1131.9 hit intraday low Rs. 1104 stock closed up by Rs. 7.2 from our recommended price , and closed at Rs. 1118.5
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    Live Technical Price News for Bse India Shares

    Only live News cannot help you predict perfectly about future trend of Indian shares or indices for exact price guidance, chart analysis views from reliable sources will give you prudent ideas even at premarket. You need not have to rely on just automated latest software for accuracy of live stock trading while some advance chart data analysis can give you best suggestions even before opening trade. You can takemyview for how technical stock market research has produced an excellent Bse India share price analysis live illustration just below.

    Using advance technical analysis methods to predict precisely intraday stock price of HCL on Bombay Stock Exchange on an important trading day event of F&O expiry in Indian stock market on 27-June-2013. I prepared good strategy of buying HCL at best rate of Rs 756.1 for an intraday target of Rs 772.1 to 802.3 while keeping trading stop loss at Rs 747.9 for intraday traders. If you watch EOD stock market data of HCL on 27-June-2013, stock price went up sharply after initial opening at Rs 770 to register dayís high at Rs 794.7 with an overall trading gains of 4.1% compared to last dayís closing of HCL on BSE, which was Rs 767.5
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    My recent Nifty review shows how technical strategies of 08-July-2013 have become smart tips on share bazaar for today. Usually intraday tips are restricted for same day use only but technical share bazaar tips hold good as long as trading range remains the same and same analyst does not provide any fresh updates on market that supersedes the historical Nifty report. Now just watch this Nifty view that says that in event of spot level falling below 5835.5 it is likely to test lower support point at 5803. Today trading on Mumbai share bazaar showed declining trend when kept continuously below 5835.5 Nifty spot eventually met intraday target of 5802.85 just slipped by 0.15 before bouncing back to give closing at 5816.7 for today. If you check Nifty trading chart of intraday share bazaar of yesterday only after opening low of 5834.6 constantly traded higher and went close to resistance level of 5866.1 but did not cross it during entire day. This is how my winning Nifty strategy gave so much advantage to intraday traders of share bazaar Mumbai by effectively guiding consistently throughout online trading session.

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    When you purchase or sell stock in live market intraday you must have some good estimates about what is best price for your stocks in current stock market conditions to get maximum out of your trading deal. I always advice in my intraday strategy of stock trading that one must keep have reasonable idea on probable price range predictions that help curb intense market volatility. Just two things of crucial importance for online trading one is purchase or sell price and the other is exact target at any point of time in carrying out intraday stock market deals. Couple of days back I proved once again how purchase and target price carry top priority in framing strategy for share market trading with live proof of ADI BIR NUVO company stock recommendations that I shared on Google+ at 07:09:07 am (IST) on 16-July-2013. On Bombay stock market or BSE ADI BIR NUVO went on to reach my buy recommended price at Rs 1053.2 after opening lower Rs 1074.9 and dipping further down to get to lows of the day at Rs 1042 and then bouncing back to just kiss the target point at Rs 1101.1 when ADI BIR NUVO traded at days high of Rs 1102.6

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    How crucial impact trading technical strategy will make on individual stock and market trend is evident from this live example on Google+ post of 04-Aug-2013. I shared this Nifty trading intraday strategy on Indian stock market trend of 05-Aug-2013 where I suggested 5721 could be very tough trading resistance in current scenario of weak looking Mumbai stock market bearish pattern on technical chart while 5664.6 may be acting as technical trading support having not much significant importance. Holding and trading below 5664.6 I expected Nifty touching level of 5636 and even lower. If you watch this fantastic stock market strategy on Nifty graph of 05-Aug and 06-Aug-2013 you will certainly find it very well targeted view. After weaker opening of Nifty index on 05-Aug-2013 at 5682.40 CNXNifty advanced to touch exact high level of 5721 that was recommended by me a tough trading resistance point for bearish stock market rally. Nifty although hold support level at 5664.6 after going slight lower at 5661.50 but manage to close at 5685.40 on Monday that exactly match with my prediction on Nifty closing of below 5721. If you follow same Nifty market strategy on 06-Aug-2013 you can see that after opening weaker at 5664.90 close to my suggested not so crucial support of Nifty at 5664.6 it went all the way down to touch low of 5521.80

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    jindalsteel eq buy above 208 targets 210/212/214 sl 205.90
    zeel eq sell below 233.75 targets 230.50/228/225.80 sl 237.10

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    How target points in trading is most important thing to know about for any professional trader of stock market today is better explained through this live share tips performance. I gave two trading target for Divi’s Lab in my shared post on Google plus that was live at 23:00 (IST) on 07-Aug-2013 given for opening Indian markets of tomorrow. The first target was at Rs 949.2 while the second trading target was at Rs 974.7 for Divi’s Lab on BSE stock market last Thursday. While EOD actual performance reveals Divi’s Lab after opening at Rs 949.7 and getting to low of the day at Rs 942 stock went up by 3.3 % when got to high of Rs 975 that was just Rs 0.3 more from second technical target of Rs 974.7

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