• Russian stock market daily morning report (September 04, 2015, Friday)

    The Chinese market remains closed today too, which cuts the marketsí volatility significantly, and turns into a chance for growth progress. At the meantime, the oil did not manage to hold at the level of 52 USD per bbl and returned to the level of 50 USD/bbl, which might grade evening growth of the Russian market. As for the macroeconomic stats, unemployment numbers in the US deserve attention.

    Main events

    The head of Inter RAO announced partial selling of 11% stock of Inter RAO by Norilsk Nickel.

    We have described the possible scenario of Norilsk Nickel selling shares of Inter RAO earlier. Considering that the news on Norilsk Nickel selling the shares of the energy company is no news, and the level of shares remains unchanged and the stock dynamics will unlikely suffer from negative impact. At the meantime, we keep our positive outlook over the reaction on behalf of the market to the stock of Inter RAO in case a private fund (investor) enters the stock.

    Contributed by Veles Capital
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