• Russian stock market daily morning report (September 16, 2015, Wednesday)

    This morning the Russian market will be winning back yesterday’s growth of the American market and morning growth of Asia. At that, extra support is provided to the market by the oil quotes growth at the back of the API forecasts on reduction of reserves in the US (according to API, oil reserves in the US reduced for the previous week by 3.13 mn bbl while the target reserves growth rate formed 2 mn bbl adding), and at the back of Venezuela calling for another session of OPEC in order to discuss the measures on supporting the oil prices. The evening numbers from Energy Ministry will be most important.

    Main events

    Diksi managed to improve its results for August after a lame July.

    Diksi provided operation results for August 2015. Retail selling of the group for the previous month grew 12.9% yoy to 21.9 bn RUB. YTD slaes of the retailer grew 20.2% and reached 174.6 bn RUB. For August the company has opened 54 new stores vs 37 for the previous year, at that, the trade spaces grew 16.9K sq m vs 11.4K sq m for August of 2014.

    Contributed by Veles Capital
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