• Singapore stock market and companies daily report (YuuZoo Corporation) (September 08, 2015)

    YuuZoo Corporation has announced it has partnered with Sweden-based Circle of Champions (CoC) to distribute and market, in the markets where it has franchises and partners, CoC’s popular and high-revenue generating Android and iOS mobile games Powershot Challenge and Striker Challenge.

    The games developed by CoC have been created for the world’s top football clubs such as FC Barcelona, Chealsea FC, Real Madrid and Manchester City FC, etc.

    Under the agreement, the group plans to build online “virtual clubhouses” for the football teams, which will facilitate downloading the games, as well as enabling fans to purchase fan merchandise, interact with other fans and club representatives, and, where the group has the relevant rights, engage in online gaming.

    The revenues from all activities, including in-app purchases, e-commerce, advertising and gaming will be shared between the group and CoC, who has a combined global fan based that exceeds 1 billion for the teams CoC has contracts with, while the combined fan base registered on Facebook exceeds 320 million.

    Contributed by Shares Investment
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