• US stock market daily report (August 26, 2015, Wednesday)

    Business investment during July, per the U.S. Commerce Department, shows a sign that, despite a tougher business climate, companies continue to spend. Growing concerns around the globe about the global economy has financial markets on edge.

    As U.S. companies continue to spend and invest at a measured pace, executives are monitoring events in China as well around the world in an attempt to gauge whether the global economy is likely to slow further.

    On Wednesday, Commerce Department reported that durable-goods orders rose a seasonally adjusted 2% in July, after a 4.1% gain in June.

    Orders for long-lasting U.S. durable goods - a key measure of investment - posted the biggest gain in 13 months. On a positive note, core orders climbed 2.2% for July hit their biggest gain since June 2014 with business investment outside the volatile defense and transportation industries rose for the second straight month.

    From same period in 2014, business investment remains relatively soft, down 3.8%.

    U.S. exports have become more expensive and harder to sell due to the stronger dollar. Amidst the continuing drop in the price of crude oil, American energy producers have sharply scaled back spending on drilling rigs and other large equipment.

    A breakdown of shows that orders for autos and trucks rose 4%, while large defense goods and military hardware such as fighter jets, missiles and tanks rose by 22.3%.

    Durable goods orders minus transportation in July, rose by only 0.6%.

    A number used to help determine the nationís growth each quarter, shipments of core capital goods rose 0.6%.

    June orders were revised to show a stronger increase by 4.1% instead of previously reported 3.4% advance.

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