• US stock market daily report (September 01, 2015, Tuesday)

    Amidst the nerve-racking stock market volatility that had investors shaking in their shoes during August, consumers showed resilience for their desire to purchase new cars, SUVs and pickup trucks.

    On an annualized basis, auto-makers results on Tuesday showed sales of nearly 17.5 million vehicles.

    General Motors Company (GM - NYSE), U.S. #1 automaker, reported sales dropped 0.7% during August. GM pickup Chevy Silverado sales rose 11.7% and GMC Sierra pickup rose 7% - with a combined sales total for the month at more that 76,000. Kurt McNeil, head of U.S. sales for GM said, “All of the economic fundamentals that we look at, including job growth, disposable income and fuel prices, are in good shape and that should keep sales strong.”

    Ford Motor Co. (F - NYSE), U.S. #2 automaker, reported a gain in vehicle sale by 5%. Ford F-Series pickup truck sales topped 70,000 for the first time during 2015, up 4.7% at 71,332. Results were strongest for Fords newest models, per Mark LeNeve, head of U.S. sales. Ford SUV and pickup truck sales both rose nearly 12% while automobile sedan sales fell 7%.

    Toyota Motor Corporation (TM - NYSE), #3 automaker, reported an 8.8% decline in sales for August.

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCAU - NYSE) reported an increase by 2% in sales during August, boosted by Jeep SUVs.

    Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. (NSANY - OTC) reported a drop in sales during August by 1%.

    Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (HMC - NYSE) reported a drop in sales during August of 7%.

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