• US stock market daily report (September 03, 2015, Thursday)

    Its been one year since CVS Health Corporation (CVS - NYSE) banned the selling of cigarettes. According to a study conducted by the CVS Health Research Institute released on Thursday, the move shows a positive impact of its efforts.

    Per the study performed during the eight months after CVS stopped selling cigarettes, there was an additional 1% reduction in the sale of packs of cigarettes at gas stations, convenience stores, big box stores and other retailers in states where CVS had a 15% or greater share of the retail pharmacy market, compared with states where there are no CVS pharmacies.

    Additionally, the study found 4% more nicotine patch purchases in those states where CVS has a market share of 15% or greater.

    CVS and its foundation have partnered with the children's publishing company 'Scholastic' on a program to teach children about the dangers and consequences of smoking.

    For the three months ended June 30, CVS reported a 7.4% increase in net revenue and a .5% increase in same-store sales. The company says same-store sales would have been 780 basis points higher if tobacco were excluded from the numbers for the same period in 2014.

    I am proud to say I have been a non-smoker since December 2013. While I have replaced stinky cigarettes with vaping, I feel tremendously better, since quitting smoking.

    When I drive down the road and see someone smoking with kids in a car, I cringe. Drinking and driving is illegal - people should not be allowed to smoke cigarettes in a car with children in it. As a non-smoker adult, I would never ride in a car with another person who was smoking a cigarette. While children of smokers have no choice but to ride in a car with an adult who is smoking, since those adults show a serious lack of common-sense, we need laws in place to protect the children by making it illegal to smoke cigarettes in a car with children.

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