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    According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, over 645,000 homes in the USA have solar panels. During 2014, a new solar project was installed every 2.5 minutes.

    Over the next two years, nearly 20,000 MW of solar capacity is forecasted to come online - doubling the country's existing solar capacity.

    As of Q2 2014, the average price of a completed commercial photovoltaic (PV) project dropped by 14% year over year and has fallen by more than 45% since 2012.

    At a cost of about $27,000 or $4.43 per watt, a single family home can have a six-kilowatt system solar power system. With the cost of installation of solar power dropping so dramatically, more homeowners and businesses are taking it into serious consideration.

    Homeowners looking to add solar panels are faced with the decision as to whether they should buy or lease their solar panels. With leasing of solar panels, there is little or no money due, up front. Leases and power purchase agreements can be simpler for the consumer, with a third-party company handling design, purchasing, mounting, maintenance and monitoring. During 2014, nearly two-thirds of solar system customers used either leases - paying little or no money up front and committing to a fixed term of about 20 years or power purchase agreements, in which they buy two decades of power either up front or via a series of variable payments.

    Another benefit with solar panels is Solar Renewable Energy Certificates or SRECs. SRECs show that a certain amount of electricity was produced using solar energy. Homeowners can sell accumulated kilowatts, helping to reduce their cost of having solar panels.

    SRECs exist in states that have Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) legislation with specific requirements for solar energy, usually referred to as a "solar carve-out". Solar system owners can recover some of their investment by selling their SRECs through spot market sales or long-term sales.

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