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Russian stock market daily morning report (July 14, 2014, Monday)

July 14, 2014, Monday, 14:06 GMT | 10:06 EST | 18:36 IST | 21:06 SGT
Contributed by Veles Capital

We assume that the domestic stock market opening on Monday will not have a single dynamic, but mostly open in the green zone, continuing a positive trend with the global grounds, but during the day correction may be on the background of the upcoming dividend cutoffs LUKOIL, Gazprom, Surgut. Asia-Pacific stock indexes grow in the course of trading on Monday. European stock indexes rose slightly on Friday. U.S. stock indexes finished trading on Friday, a slight increase, which allowed them to significantly reduce the loss by the end of the past week. Oil prices moved in different directions in the course of trading on Monday: Brent slightly more expensive, but it remains at its lowest level in three months amid rising production in Libya, while the WTI price decreases.

Main events

Inter RAO has been notified by the VEB on the execution of the put option.

Inter RAO has been notified by the VEB on the execution of the put option by 31.4 billion rubles. Timeframe of the option is three months. In the case of the restructuring option using the new credit debt will not exceed the limit value of net debt to EBITDA ratio equal to 3. However, we can not rule out that the news could adversely affect the market price.