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    Siemens AG FRA SIE

    where to me to learn more about it? In the event you liked this informative article as well as you would like to acquire more info regarding What state wins the most Powerball generously check out...
  2. FASTCOINEX The Cryptocurrency Futures Exchange with a Difference

    Hello rosej667 and welcome. They are regulated and their spreads are low, but regarding their amateur website I wouldn't recommend them as my first choice... Anyway, if you do try with them, share...
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    AAT V ATI Airtest Technologies Inc

    If you've been following my story over on the wrench pages, I bought an old tool box and have been going through it's contents. Well, this one is waaaayyyy out of place. Aircraft Tools Inc, 9 and a...
  4. Btconlineinvestment Investment of the future

    I got some used 3/4 rope from a crab boat in Seattle. Not sure, but I think it might make up for being thin, by having a lot of salt in it.
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    top stock to focus today

    The stock locked up tight and had no problems that way, but it will never be as comfortable or feel as good as a good old wood one. Im using my wood stocked gun a lot more than when it had the ATI...
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    Karnatka Elections impact on stock market

    You are right Stiff. Never make a prediction. Thought that was a sure bet and it looked like it was with the market opening up 75 points higher but here it is up only 25.
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    KUB V Cub Energy Inc

    Tuned in a bit late, new Energy Minister Angus Taylor talking energy policy.Coal coal coal frack frack frack. Power price comparison website, how pissweak?Well, they wont be in government long enough...
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