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    NSE Technical Glitch - Feb 24, 2021

    A technical glitch at the National Stock Exchange halted trading for a couple of hours. NSE has multiple telecom links with two service providers to ensure redundancy. Both the telecom service...
  2. Essential Lessons from O’Neil On Relative Strength, Volume, Charts

    How do you use relative price strength to pick stocks?Restrict selection to stocks with Relative Price Strength Rating of 80 or higher. When you are trying to choose which two or three stocks to buy,...
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    Exposure Management Using CANSLIM

    Apart from picking right stocks to buy, exposure management plays an important role in the overall returns achieved. It is advised to increase exposure toward winners and decrease toward losing...
  4. Why the Relative Strength Line/Rating Holds a Big Clue

    “Relative price performance is a good way to tell which of the five or six stocks you own is your true leader. If you’re going to do any selling, it’s normally correct to weed the flower patch by...
  5. What is Auction in the Stock Market - MarketSmith India

    If someone sold shares, then he/she is liable to deliver such shares in T+2 time. Suppose a seller is not able to deliver shares, in such a case, it will lead to auction of shares.

    The auction...
  6. T+2 System by SEBI - Margin Calculation - MarketSmith India

    As per a SEBI circular, the new margin rule was implemented from September 1 and is applicable to all, whoever is dealing in the equity market, be it brokers or be it traders/investors. This rule is...
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    How to deal with IPO Frenzy

    “The safest time to buy an IPO is on the breakout from its first correction and base-building area. Once the new issue has been trading in the market for one, two, or three months or more, you have a...
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    How to Handle Market in Downtrend

    It would help if you protect your profits when a downturn hits, to make money over the long term. A downturn in the main indexes tends to pull-down most individual stocks with it. Therefore, it is...
  9. Will Rural Recovery aid consumer goods move in the fast lane

    Indian Rural FMCG Market
    The size of the rural FMCG market in India stood at $23.6B in FY 2018. This sector has delivered meaningful growth and contributed to more than 45% of the country’s FMCG...
  10. Why the Buyer Demand Rating is a Key to Finding Great Stocks

    “For the best prospects, do a price and volume check of each week within the stock’s base to help you conclude if the stock is showing sound accumulation or too many price and volume defects. Next,...
  11. How Relative Strength Rating Helps You Pick Outstanding Growth Stocks

    Whether you are experienced in investing in growth stocks or just learning how to read stock charts, it’s clear that the better information and more tools you have available, the greater your chances...
  12. Distribution Days: How to Track Market Weakness in a Confirmed Uptrend

    We all know the importance of market status in determining an investor’s stance in the CANSLIM system. It not only helps you realize gains by being aggressive when the risk is minimal, but also...
  13. Busting the Investing Myth that Penny Stocks Can Lead to Marvelous Riches

    There are some widespread investing myths that need to be debunked. One of which is the idea of buying a share, the price of which is going down so that your average cost goes down. Investors are of...
  14. How to Spot a Bullish Base-on-Base Chart Pattern

    With the Market turning volatile this year, multiple stocks have formed base-on-base patterns. Watch out for those because they tend to be stable chart patterns. The base-on-base is a combination of...
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    How to analyze a stock's flat base

    We usually see how the best stocks form cup-with-handle and double-bottom bases before they make big moves. However, stocks cannot make higher highs despite their superior fundamental and growth...
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