Biido is next-generation digital asset exchange platform, created with an aim to provide easy access to cryptocurrency. Biido platform is easy to use and has updated features to allow traders of all levels to get maximum benefit with minimum risk. Read on to know more about the Biido platform.

Biido is the first marketplace with zero trading fee. This means all trading transactions are free from any additional cost. Zero trading fee incentive is provided to attract more people towards cryptocurrency and better serve the Biido community.

Biido Crypto Exchange:

Biido is not only about innovative ideas and appealing website. The legitimacy of the project lies in the fact that Biido exchange is up and running. Right now you can trade 16 different coins (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, DOGE, LTC, HOT, NPXS, SNT, BAT, AE, ZRX, LINK, AOA, BION) with many more to come. Biido exchange is sponsored by the project itself not by members. Talks are in middle for partnership with established companies and exchanges to make Biido one of the top exchange in the crypto world.

BION Coin:

Native token of Biido ecosystem is BION coin. BION has following useful features and usage.

Biido Rewarding Mechanism. Biido has its own Growth Engine (BIIG) for developing and incentivizing community. BION coins will be given as incentive to members for doing certain tasks like marketing, referral programs etc.
Discount for Fiat Withdrawal Fee. Pay withdrawal fee with BION and get discount.
Biido Community Coin Voting. Biido community members can also vote for their favorite coin to be listed on Biido exchange by paying certain amount of BION coin.
Copy Trading Fee. Using BION coin one can follow and copy strategy of his favorite trader. The profit will be equally divided between user, trader and Biido.

Biido has premium features like A.I Trade Signal Alerts, Portfolio Analytics, Arbitrage Tools and A.I Trading Bot that can be unlocked by BION coin.

BIMi (Biido Identity Verification System):

BIMi feature is to shorten the verification process and allows customers to buy and sell any cryptocurrency instantly without undergoing the registration process. This feature is currently available for citizens of Indonesia only, as its using biometric data from government database.

BTC (Biido Trading Community):

Through BTC, Biido community members can access prominent members who have some distinctions like the biggest profit, the most profitable trader, etc. Newcomers can increase their profit by copying the trading strategy of successful traders.

Biido Launchpad:

Biido Launchpad is developed for entrepreneurs to help them launch their ideas by utilizing Biido platform services like consultation, marketing, Technical aspect and listing process. Biido Launchpad is an exclusive token sale platform for selling tokens and launching blockchain projects.

There are many reasons that makes Biido is a promising Project to keep an eye on:

No Private Sale:

More than 90% of Token Project that failed on the market is because they sold too many tokens with cheaper price on the seed/ private sale stage. Biido platform is developed by the community for the community. To make sure everyone gets BION coin at the same price, there will be no private sale of BION coins. This is done to eliminate risk of tokens being dumped by early investors.

Realistic Hard/Soft Cap:

Biido has 1 million USD for soft cap and 5 million USD for hard cap. These caps are deliberately kept at realistic and achievable values. Considering privilege of Zero Fee trading and other advance features that will be developed, this amount is very reasonable. Tokens burn are done every quarter to make sure no unsold token exists in the ecosystem.

Expert Team and Advisors:

The team is the first thing investors see while investing in any ICO and Biido has a team and advisors that have experience in FinTech, Blockchain, Marketing.

Some key advisors are:

Mr. Roger Lim from Neo Global Capital, an expert in advising top Blockchain project such as Blockcloud, Multivac, Bluezelle, etc that gives big return for their investors.

Mrs Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, a pioneer of internet startup in Indonesia that has received prestigious award i.e. 99 Most Powerful Women Globe Asia.

Mr Davy Makimian, CEO of the largest Advertising Company in Indonesia, which will help Biido to get more and more awareness from 280 Million people in Indonesia.

To see LinkedIn profiles of all team members please visit our website.

Finally the decision is yours to be a part of the growing community and the future. If you don't know about this platform you are already too late.

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