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Thread: 300 FREE Tokens for 1st 20000 Users (16000+ already gone) - 25th March Last Date

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    300 FREE Tokens for 1st 20000 Users (16000+ already gone) - 25th March Last Date

    And next 30000 users will get 200 tokens and last 50000 members will get 100 tokens as whitelist bonus.

    The whitelist will be closed on 25th March 2018

    Only whitelisted members can participate in Pre-ICO contribution.

    Bidium Pre-ICO sale will start on 26th March 2018
    Lowest price at 0.01USD /BIDM
    The first week is 25% bonus.
    The second week is 15% bonus.
    Referral bonus is 25%.

    Top 2 Referrers will get 10000BIDM Tokens and 6000BIDM Tokens as a reward.

    ICO price will be 0.02USD/BIDM and bonus will be only 10% on the first week and 5% on the second week.

    BIDM token holders benefits.

    1. Token holders’ token that is stored in BIDIUM wallet can get Bidium Exchange platform’s trading 50% profit share, it will be divided among all token holders according to token holdings quantity.
    2. BIDM can be used to trade almost all crypto or crypto to fiat on Bidium Exchange platform only at 0.01% trading fee
    3. BIDM can be used to pay only 0.1% fee on Freelance hiring platform otherwise 1% fee using other cryptos.
    4. BIDM can be used to buy or sell on our auction platform and seller will get 50% and the buyer will get 30% ad revenue from a product page.
    5. By using BIDM between BIDIUM platforms there will be no transaction fees.

    We are bringing Best, Secure and Reliable Crypto-Fiat-Crypto exchange + Freelance Hiring + Auction Platform.

    You can check here for further info:

    Official Website:




    Social Media Link:

    - Facebook:
    - Twitter:
    - YouTube:
    - Telegram:
    - Email:

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