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Thread: 3i Group plc (LON:III)

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    3i Group plc (LON:III)

    3i Group plc is a United Kingdom-based investment manager focused on mid-market private equity, infrastructure and debt management. The Company’s core markets are northern Europe and North America. The Company focuses on businesses with international growth potential in the business services, consumer, healthcare and industrial sectors in northern Europe and North America. It also has focus on core economic infrastructure in Europe, principally in the utilities and transportation sectors, as well as on the primary Public Private Partnership and renewable energy project markets. The Company invests primarily in senior secured loans, specializing in the management of collateralized loan obligations. The Company offer products across a range of risk /return criteria and its objective is to generate net returns between 6-12% per annum, depending on the structure of the product.

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    TARGET 570
    The Major trend of 3I GROUP GROUP PLC it is showing strength for buying .If it breaks the resistance level then one can initiate the buying position in the stock. If it breaks the level of 564 then it can test resistance level for the target of 570 with the stop loss of 558
    3i Group plc (LON:III)-3i-png INDICATORS:-
    RSI is trading near to 60.42 level with positive bias, in upcoming session upside movement is expected.
    MACD and Signal line is sustaining above the zero level line.

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