The online world has become the most important aspect of peopleís lives, especially businessmen. And with that, itís the Advertising industry that has seen MASSIVE gains in recent times with major data recorded shows nearly 17% growth only in 2017 and very high so far during the year. So, why not have the BEST cutting edge platform to use that is created by keeping all this in mind?
This is why introducing to you AdCoin!
AdCoin, the Cryptocurrency that aims to improve the way online advertising works! It comes from a group of finance, marketing and IT that intends to solve all our problems through innovative ways, which reduces the costs, 24/7 availability and creates a secure network for the online advertising market. With the aim to facilitate advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers, and all other advertising related transactions. AdCoin primarily aims to solve kind of problem that is COMMON but also highly frustrating! Imagine watching an ad before the video starts or a randomly flash page appearing! Isnít it the most frustrating thing at the time when you are excited to watch or read your favorite stuff? It is indeed highly frustrating and thatís why AdCoin is here to give a new dimension to everything and even allows the publishers easy through for payment through Cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency!
The thing that sets Adcoin apart from all other already existing solutions is the CLEAR focus on facilitating advertising related transactions AdCoin can use all its resources on creating value for this Market. From creating AWESOME integrations to making decisions on Blockchain improvements, everything is done with the target group in mind! The exchange rate is always likely to stay stable with focus on a niche market, AdCoin should be less influenced by external factors, which makes it such amazing choice. AdCoin also works well for the Advertising networks with saving money via LOW transaction fees below 0.1% as compared to over of 7% on most advertising platforms! While completely eliminating the payment risk with AdCoin, as payment can be done daily or hourly with such small fees that it doesnít matter at all and there is complete privacy with the Blockchain technology, as identity is not revealed of the publishers.
With AdCoin-powered advertising network, one can make full use of the cheaper advertising, which is a perfect win-win situation for everyone. The AdCoin team combines of some of the BEST in the Crypto field with their own unique thought process, which makes this such a high rated project! And AdCoin team has developed wallets for Mac, Windows and Web wallet, which is packed with GREAT features such as QR-codes, two-factor authentication (2FA), search by email, integrated order management and a clear overview of the userís current balance and past transactions. AdCoin is already in the exchanges and you can check that out from here So, now is your chance to get your hands on the BIGGEST creation of the year via Check below for further details:Official Website:- Whitepaper:- Social Media Links:- Facebook: - Twitter: - Telegram: Contact Us:- Live Chat: - Phone: +31 (0)85 001 4210- Email: