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Tom (Founder/Website & Platform Dev) - Discord: TomLom#1243 - Email:
Chris (Founder/Head of Marketing) - Discord: chockblain#7454 - Email:
Eelot (Founder/Senior Advisor) - Discord: Eelot#4318 - Email:
Thayne (Marketing Advisor) - Discord: T. Swindell#3222
Greyfell (Exchange Advisor) - Discord: greyfell#4283
Remapper (Blockchain Developer & Advisor) - Discord: Remapper#0001
Soggietoes (Community Manager) - Discord: Soggietoes#7092


Full Stack Developer - Inc. PHP, C++, JavaScript (JS) x2
Marketing Professionals x2

Payment will be in BGX/BTC and team members must be dedicated to the projects - if you are interested email us @

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BTCT Announcement Translation (50 BGX per Translation - please reserve - 1st come, 1st serve)

Translations of the initial announcement thread into these five languages: chinese, russian, spanish, german, french. Before submitting your request, you first must ask for approval in the discord channel (link provided)! Do not submit unapproved entries! After doing the work, you will have to submit the link to the bitcointalk forum thread, in order to get checked and receive payment. The announcement has been designed as graphics, to make it harder to cheat by using google translate! Google translations not accepted in any circumstance!
Reward: 50 BGX / required language
Total: 250 BGX

Twitter Bounty Form:
To be eligible for the Twitter Bounty you are required to fill out this google form before the campaign end date of February 14, 2019 @ 11:59pm GMT