$APE on the Bitrock Blockchain

$APE is a meme token based on the gestures of the three wise monkeys. It has no religious backgrounds or anything of the sort; its simply about the gestures of the three wise monkeys, and each individual can decide for themselves whether they can identify with it or not.

It was launched 5 days ago and hit an all-time high (ATH) of 120K market capitalization after 1 days, making a 921x gain. For a small-cap coin like Bitrock, which was launched 4 months ago, $APE was a massive success. Currently, it has dropped back to a 15K market capitalization, making it an opportune entry point.

The team has decided to create a spin wheel, set to be released in approximately 7 days. This spin wheel will feature prizes such as 200 USDT, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, 1000$ BROCK, or similar rewards. Each spin will cost $5 worth of $APE. Statistics indicate that if there are 10 spins per day, approximately 10,000,000,000 $APE tokens will be burned in just 1 month. The total supply is 200,000,000,000 $APE, so the spin wheel would make the token deflationary.

For purchasing $APE, you have two options. First, you can swap your ETH to $BROCK and bridge your ETH Brock to the Bitrock Mainnet. After that, you can exchange your $BROCK for $APE through www.rock-swap.io.

The second option is to buy $APE on Bitmart.com and send it to your MetaMask Wallet. Subsequently, you can also swap your $BROCK for $APE on www.rock-swap.io. DISCLAIMER: You need to manually add Bitrock Mainnet to your MetaMask Wallet.