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Thread: Ardadex Sets to Launch the First DEX and NFT Marketplace on Cardano Network

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    Ardadex Sets to Launch the First DEX and NFT Marketplace on Cardano Network

    Ardadex Protocol aims to be the first Defi platform to integrate both DEX/AMM and NFT Marketplace on cardano blockchain network. Ardadex Defi will power NFT marketplace for Digital Creators, Musicians, Artistes and online creators to Mint & trade digital commodities as NonFungible Tokens for physically redeemable goods using our super sleek, easy to use user interface.

    Ardadex decentralized ecosystem is gradually being improved, With all product models developed on the platform and starting program liquidity, the establishment of the initial DEX offering platform and NFT space.

    The Ardadex ecosystem will feature stake pools, NFT Marketplace, liquidity availability and a cross-chain trade protocol. Users can trade their tokens, offer liquidity, and receive a share of the liquidity pool fees.

    Impressive use cases on NFT space

    The NFT boom is in full force as big brands, celebrities, and athletes are minting their own NFTs to capitalize on the latest crypto trend, making millions in the process.

    Ardadex is on a mission to create a truly decentralized yet robust NFT Platform where digital creators can turn their Photos, Ideas, Music & Paintings into Non Fungible Tokens. All of these goods can launch as tokens that can be redeemed as physical objects. By dropping it as a token, we enable goods to:

    1. Have a dynamic price on the Blockchain
    2. Traded In Fractions and can also be owned fractionally

    Ardadex NFT platform will usher in a new paradigm of creation and exchange, enabling creators to:

    1. Earn all of the value they've created by selling their goods as NFTs at a dynamic price.
    2. Call on their huge following (those with a substantial amount of followers) to participate and buy into the ideas and the products they love early in the process of creation.

    Unique Features of Ardadex Protocol on Cardano Blockchain

    1. Token holders are granted Early Access To Exclusive NFT Drops
    2. Redistribution of Tokens from every buy, sell and transfer to Ardan Token Holders
    3. Ardadex Users can Become liquidity providers on the Cardano Blockchain using AMM protocol and earn passive income.
    4. Ardadex users are allowed to participate in a decentralized financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all
    5. ARDAN Token can serve as Payment Currency For Fees & Featured Listings
    6. An on-chain referral program has been implemented for users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters will earn 10% of his/her friendsí Ardan token purchase.

    Ardadex Token Early Adopters Benefits

    Ardadex Ecosystem will be powered by ARDAN Token, which has an actual Fixed total supply of 1 Billion. Interested Investors can become one of the early adopters of the $ARDAN Token by participating in the ongoing token pre-sale. Visit our website, click on the pre-sale link and follow the procedure.

    Further Information:

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