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Thread: ARM Holdings plc (LON:ARM)

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    ARM Holdings plc (LON:ARM)

    ARM Holdings plc (ARM) is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the design of microprocessors, physical intellectual property (IP) and related technology and software, and the sale of development tools. The Company offers a range of products including microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. ARM operates in three segments: the Processor Division (PD), which encompasses those resources that are centered on microprocessor cores, including specific functions such as graphics IP, fabric IP, embedded software IP and configurable digital signal processing (DSP) IP; the Physical IP Division (PIPD), which provides physical IP components for the design and manufacture of integrated circuits, including systems-on-chip (SoCs); and the System Design Division (SDD), which is focused on the tools and models used to create and debug software and SoC designs.

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    TARGET 1145

    The trend of ARM HOLDING PLC shows buying side.
    If it breaks the resistance level of 1135 then it can test resistance level for the target of 1145 with the stop loss of 1125

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    Stock is trading in a range and trading near the trend line. Breaking the resistance line will lead to upside movement. Stock is trading above the 50 DMA with +ve bias.

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