AscentN, welcome to the world's first Mount-to-earn

Ascent is the first Move to earn that rewards you when you walk or run, but rewards you, even more, when you climb slopes!

We are a lifestyle app on BSC Ecosystem, introducing a new concept, the Mount-to-earn!

To achieve that goal, our developers are working on an application that use the telemeter data from your smartphone.

With AscentN, our community not only improves physical health from countless outdoor activities but also gains stable and attractive passive income.

First, you mint a NFT in the form of flying shoe, then by walking, running, or climbing, you will earn in-game cryptocurrency $ASN
which can either be used for in-game activities or cashed out for profit.

The ICO will be live on Pinksale this month! You can try to win one of 100 Whitelist by participating in this contest: