Beetcoin Re-live Bitcoin on Solana

A gamified BTC-Tokenomics NFT project, with the long-term goal of becoming the most easy-to-understand cryptocurrency on Solana.
Beetcoin is Bitcoin on Solana.

Mining start date: March 2024
Mining end date: Year 2042

Token Distribution
- 93% via Mining
- 1% Marketing
- 1% DAO
- 5% Initial Liquidity Pool

Current Supply: 2.5 mil
Max Supply: 21 mil
Miner Supply: 10 000
Miners In-Stock: 21% left

Contract Address: 4v5nbBSUyLQdHV3yFg4W1fMGPbbsbZDG54urSyCsbEtY

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Community Funded
The origin of the BeetFarm community stems from a rugged project. The community united from this defeat to create a fair and transparent BTC-mining protocol. A DAO was founded which funded the creation of Beetcoin, with fair distribution as the main pillar of the project, enabling anyone & everyone to re-live Bitcoin on Solana.

Utility Based Project
BeetLabs, the creators of Beetcoin, are also the creators of tech-products that are sold in Beetcoins only.

- BeetVerify: a Discord verification bot, scanning for Tokens & NFT + the quantity, giving Discord communities easy access to specific roles and channels.

- BeetTransfer: a Discord transfer system, allowing users to swap, buy, send and receive tokens, all inside of Discord.

- BeetWallet: Coming Soon


White Paper:



Embark on a New Era of NFT and Crypto Mining