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Thread: Bidium - The ONLY ICO with GUARANTEED PROFITS!

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    Crypto-Fiat-Crypto Trading includes buying/selling cryptocurrencies with fiat (fiat/crypto paring) as well as buying/selling cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies (crypto/crypto pairing). They can be viewed as an online marketplace for the entire cryptocurrency network. All exchanges have crypto/crypto pairing (i.e., trading 1 BTC for 9 ETH), but not all have fiat/crypto pairings (i.e., trading $900 for 1 ETH). Bidium is a Crypto-Fiat-Crypto Trading meant for freelancers

    Our Blockchain application in Freelancing is going to be making the headline in the year 2018. Bidium platforms spark a new phase of discussion when it comes to Blockchain application.

    The nature of work has completely changed from what it was a few years back. There has been a growing inclination of people towards freelancing. According to recent studies, the total market for global freelancers is estimated to be $1.5 trillion. North American contribute over half of the global freelance marketplace. In the USA there were around 55 million freelancers in 2016 as compared to 52 million in 2014. The growing number of freelancers in the market shows that this is a big market. However, certain issues seem to make this market looked down upon.Well, before proceeding ahead and understanding how Blockchain will help the freelancers marketplace.

    The major problem faced by the freelancers while using other aside from Bidium platforms is the exorbitant fees charged by them, for example, Upwork charges freelancers 20% and employers are charged 3%. Similarly, charges 10%, and from the client, it charges .3%.

    Furthermore, these websites also have hefty withdrawal fees. Thus, for those who are willing to continue the freelancing work in the long run and the companies who seek to use the services of these platforms with less fee should use our wonderful platform. Our platform offers no fee when doing transactions... Which implies its free and reliable for instance if you save your tokens in Bidium wallet then you will be rewarded by our dispensable platform Trading 50% revenue in equal proportion. Like we previously said we offer no transaction fee when doing trading is as low as 0.01% only.

    Our project core development team is in India, but Bidium will be operational from Estonia, Estonia will be our Registered Office. If you intend to contribute to our project.

    There are also Whitelist free bonus tokens which will be issued to only those users that successfully complete the first trade.

    Public Whitelist process is over now, but Private Investors still can register and get whitelisted.

    Private Investor eligibility:

    1) The minimum contribution is 200USD
    2) Shouldn't be the USA and China Citizen

    -> Guaranteed Profit on BIDIUM tokens
    -> Current price 0.01usd/BIDM and plus bonus

    Bidium price will never go down from 0.02usd and price can increase as per demand. In any case, if the price goes below 0.02usd, in that situation if anyone wants to sell their token, then Bidium will buy from them at 0.02usd/BIDM rate (as per Bidium's Buyback policy)

    Conclusion It is clear that Blockchain has created a fervor in the market which has affected multiple niches and the freelance market is the latest addition to this, companies like Moonlighting are planning to come with their ICO in 2018. There are other Blockchain-based platforms like Storm market, Bidium platform is yet another popular Blockchain-based platform which shows that Blockchain technology is here to stay for long and is going to transform the business world and its functioning.

    For any further inquiries or any questions, We will be happy to answer you at or email us at


    Follow us for latest updates at


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