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Thread: With Bit-Learn, Knowledge Becomes A Power On Its Own

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    With Bit-Learn, Knowledge Becomes A Power On Its Own

    Get an education that will bring money to you. Today many people have knowledge that won’t put food on their table. Bit-Learn is changing this by providing a platform where your knowledge becomes power.

    The platform will have educational material to suit the needs of cryptocurrency investors in different formats such as how-to guides, articles to read, videos, and much more. Interestingly, the platform has other innovative tools such as online classes and chat bots. The premium means of education will be rendered on a one-on-one mentorship. Its ICO starts on 15 July 2018.

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    Knowledge is absolutely the must and anyone who thinks otherwise, he is mistaken. I am not an expert and honestly, I don’t wish to be either but I do know that if we wish to be successful then we must move with the trend. That is exactly what I do with CryptoNewsTrends, it’s arguably the BEST Cryptocurrency news providing site right now with covering pretty much all aspect. From non-stop news to trending stories and more, it’s simply awesome.

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