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Thread: BiteBTC Stealing Funds?

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    BiteBTC Stealing Funds?

    BiteBTC cryptocurrency exchange blocks withdrawals and user accounts. This was reported by several users, and a corresponding warning appeared in the CoinMarketCap analytical resource.

    For example, the BiteBTC team sent e-mails to traders explaining that account freezing required the verification of the origin of funds, as well as documentation confirming the ownership of blocked assets.

    Some users were asked to provide data on bank accounts and credit cards to confirm their identity in order to ensure full legal compliance. However, after providing the necessary documents, users received standard replies, and when they tried to withdraw funds, in case of successful verification, their accounts were immediately blocked.

    It is noteworthy that the official Twitter site claims that the exchange operates in Singaporeís jurisdiction, however, the operatorís website indicates First Finance LLC, allegedly located on the Seychelles, which are a well-known offshore zone. However, the domain of this company is registered in the United States.

    Prior to this, the BiteBTC site claimed that the Singapore operator FinanceFirst Pte is the site operator. Ltd, which soon denied this information on its blog and has already filed a complaint with the Singapore police. Also, representatives of the company added that their statement against the stock exchange is not the only one.

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    I think this is the reason why Hardware Wallets are so important for our security and safety. Although, I don’t think a smaller user will want it but for anyone with higher amount, it only make sense to have it for sake of safety and security.

    If we are not having that it is always scary for us to hear such news. And this is not first time as this is very much a routine thing that’s getting created due to popularity of Crypto world.

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