Blockkonnect is the world’s first blockchain technology and social network platform connecting crypto related people and uniting them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution ever which provides you with tons of features you ever wanted on a single platform. You'll find people with similar interests as yours, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

It is an innovative cryptocurrency operating on the blockchain technology with the vision to provide a knowledge sharing option related to blockchain and other tech related information. Blockkonnect also serves as a gateway for companies looking to get into the blockchain space. With so much of the global community being constantly connected to social media, delivering news alerts on social media channels. News outlets can share breaking stories, alerts and other important bits of news instantly with their followers. So, will Blockkonnect connect everyone to the fascinating world of blockchain.

NOTE: Get Free 250XBT tokens as Bounty rewards just by completing small task.

Members who comments and discuss on website will get reward in token which will be bought from exchange by us from advertising revenue and these all term will lead the tokens price be maintained and almost high continuously.



✳️To provide a better and fresh platform to discuss blockchain related contents, share ideas about cryptocurrencies.

✳️Provide earning source to posters who post and comments their ideas on forum.
✳️All blockchain Related companies will be listed here, hence everyone can get a knowledge about what's going on over the world in blockchain network and politics.
✳️Promoting solution for corporate and individual to promote theirs contains by using XBT tokens
✳️Option for requesting anything like question-answer, photography, music, any other stuff.


We provide you a Social Platform which Connects, Fuels and Rewards Users.
An ecosystem that is designed to make online discussion platform easy, seamless and rewarding to both business Owners and Users.
It gives an opportunity to Blockchain and cryptocurrency lovers to connect and discuss each other and answer each other's questions.

Connecting Blockchain and Crypto Market Lovers

Usually crypto lovers used to post Contents, Signals, News, etc., in different social media platforms. Hence Blockkonnect provides all these features in a single platform.

Tip Anyone

Blockkonnect is the only platform till date where members can tip each other on good posts and keep themselves motivated.

Make Follower and Money

Blockkonnect forums also provides bounty programs for top followers, users who post contents etc., Users can keep posting in forums to increase your followers and earn. More the followers you have more chances of earning.

Follow Blockchain Related Companies

Blockkonnect provides platform of forums where Blockchain related companies, Cryptocurrency related companies, Crypto developers, they can create their profiles here and users can follow them and see all the updates and post from those profile, users can provide solutions and also tip Blockkonnect token each other as a reward.

Tech News Portal

Blockkonnect platforms provide users, news portals where they get the information updates related to crypto and blockchain technology. Even users can make a profile and share news related to crypto and blockchain.


1: Blockkonnect is a blockchain and crypto currency social network and forum.
2: Blockkonnect enables very fast microtransactions and trading.
3: Blockkonnect relies on the blockchain technology.
4: It has a single-minded community and development team behind it.
5: Blockkonnect is capable of rewarding content creators who create original content.





Token Type - ERC20

Contract Address - 0x8912ec366e379d6dbb72d2b50a3297adb7b7f171

Name - Blockkonnect (XBT)

Total Supply - 200,000,000

ICO Selling Price - 0.015$

Target Price - 1$ (Estimated)



The Blockkonnect team is made up of knowledgeable experts who are passionate about bringing local businesses the attention they need on a social platform that rewards users for engagement.