Life is very colourful as long as you are healthy, but it converts into a living nightmare when you go through health issues. Unfortunately or fortunately, it is a rare case where same logic applies to ALL human whether RICH or POOR!

The reason it could be called “Fortunately” is that something is aimed to be done about due to the powerful having part in this. Otherwise, if it was only about poor then things would not be so active. However, is it really a thing for poor or a guy with little motivation to focus on his health or improve it? I don’t think it has happened in decades since lack of motivation is almost in the blood! But things are changing now with the arrival of “BolttCoin”.

It aims to be a route for people who always found it hard to motivate themselves. Now for them, there will be motivation! With the system designed not just to bring revolutionary changes in people's life in terms of health, but also is created to benefit from in terms of wealth growth!

Boltt is amongst those rare options that are backed by real setup. It is the leading wearable tech player in the market and has a HUGE active user base on the Boltt Health App. With such based to work with, there comes the launch of ICO for a new Social Health Gamification platform to incentivize users to stay fit and get rewards for it as well.

With the tokens of Boltt, it will allow users to become part of the Boltt Social Health Economy. Boltt Ecosystem goods & services can be purchased via Boltt tokens. Boltt’s Ecosystem comprises of REAL life partnerships with retailers, merchants, corporates, service providers, insurance companies & other businesses on a highly gamified mobile platform.

The platform leverages blockchain and distributed ledger technology to increase engagement & loyalty on the basis of improved health. BolttCoin comes with epic Health reward engine to enables to earn/mine BolttCoins with steps & personal health achievements. It also enables creating challenges, tournaments, and games from sponsored brands, celebrities, and corporates to reward participants.

Boltt solves the BIGGEST problem in maintaining health, which is to do with lack of motivation for personal health improvement; it is to bring Engagement, Gamification and Loyalty under one roof with this platform!

Boltt is already well-established with some of the biggest names out there in as partners, it not only allows the comfort for users but also opening more scope for the growth!

But that's not all! With Boltt achieving something that others only dream about. It sits pretty on some major sites due to the potential and the rapidly growing popularity! And that seems unlikely to end anytime soon.

This is the reason why Boltt is classified as the BIGGEST creation of the year 2018 and is on the list of all major investors out there in the universe of Cryptocurrencies.

So, now is your chance to be part of the future that is not just for wealth, but it is for HEALTH. It is the time to take that difficult step, which is going to roll on the game!

Get yourself whitelisted now, as the private sale begins from 20th May, so don’t miss out on the deal that will not just change your life in financial terms, but also to do with making you healthy!

You could also join the BIGGEST Airdrop in HISTORY with $50000 WORTH Coins available for grabs! It’s an opportunity that is to be missed at your OWN risk! BolttCoin is the route to be HEALTHY, WEALTHY and WISE!

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