Why You Need Buy ERC404 Pandora at BingX Now?

Hey everyone! Big news! BingX is now the first place where you can buy and trade a brand-new coin called Pandora (PANDORA). Starting February 6, 2024, at 9 AM (UTC), you can trade PANDORA USDT, which is awesome because it's the first time this coin is available on a big trading site like BingX.

What is the ERC404 PANDORA and Why Is It The Next 100X Coin?

ERC404 is a protocol that combined ERC721 and ERC20. It enable to convert NFTs into tokens and merge ERC20 token into NFTs. This means NFTs without liquidity can be broken down into tokens through the ERC404 protocol, and meme tokens with strong cultural value can be combined into NFTs using ERC404. This innovation has significantly transformed the NFT and meme token markets. For more information, please click "Pandora Token" to check.

The ERC404 protocol is also referred to as the Pandora protocol, with Pandora Coin being its inaugural token. Launched just three days ago, its price movements mirrors the early phase of BRC-20 Ordinals, boasting considerable potential. If the Bitcoin ecosystem has seen rapid growth thanks to Bitcoin BRC-20, Ethereum Price is poised to experience similar acceleration with ERC404.

Imagine the scenario where Ordinals' price surged by more than 10,000 times. With only 8,000 Pandora tokens in existence, consider the potential for price escalation. Pandora might just be the token to exceed Bitcoin's value!

Why should you purchase on BingX instead of a DEX?

Unless you're looking to buy Pandora tokens worth 10 ETH, the gas fees and DEX taxes could significantly dent your investment. BingX offers a purchasing avenue without any gas fees or taxes. Moreover, BingX is an official partner of Chelsea Football Club, ranked among the top ten global exchanges, and it's the first CEX audited by Mochi Tree, even preceding Binance. Nonetheless, if regulations in your country prohibit the use of BingX, I regret to say there's not much that can be done.

Additionally, new users can enjoy benefits worth more than 5000 USDT. If you're still deliberating, consider acting swiftly to not miss out on Pandora, especially as the token's price is rapidly appreciated. At the time of this message, the price has climbed from 5000 USDT on its BingX debut to 9000 USDT.

If you missed the extraordinary rise of ORDI, ensure you don't overlook PANDORA!

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