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Thread: Cadalabs Protocol: First community driven NFT and crypto Collectibles on the Cardano

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    Cadalabs Protocol: First community driven NFT and crypto Collectibles on the Cardano

    CADALAB is a community-driven NFT platform building a NFT Minting Dapp on the Cardano Network to enable digital artwork collectors mint their works as NFTs and connect them to sellers to trade seamlessly in the future. CADALAB team developed its utility token dubbed $CALA Token, which enables the community to take part in governance issues.

    Besides, by holding the CALA token, users can moderate creators, vote on proposals, stake their tokens to earn and curate featured artwork. CADALAB protocol seeks to further venture into the non-fungible token industry and in the process help digital content creators, artists and art collectors meet on a digital platform.

    CADALABís main goal is to create an ecosystem that is the focus of contact between digital content sellers, buyers and art lovers, and in this way be able to help those artists who have not been able to show and sell their art so far, through NFTs. Therefore, within the CADALAB platform, any creative person will be able to sell their content and artwork without any problem.

    Main features of CADALAB

    1. Created for digital creators: CADALAB establishes a bridge between traditional art creators and Blockchain technology.
    2. Ease of use: The CADALAB ecosystem will be fully user-friendly, so that any creative person can generate and sell their own NFT.
    3. Optimized for scalability and transparency: The platform will be simple and transparent, always giving security to users, all thanks to its CADALAB token, which will be a utility token within the platform.
    4. CADALAB DEX (coming soon): Decentralized automated exchange designed between any currencies.
    5. Stake & Earn (coming soon): With CADALAB, users will also be able to stake and earn rewards with it.

    Quick note: CADALAB is the name of the project while CALA is the token symbol.

    CADALAB Protocol Tokenomics

    $CALA tokens will be used across our ecosystem to facilitate our platform and boost engagement by creators and buyers & sellers. The current token economy is shared below.


    Token Name: CALA
    Ticker: $CALA
    Total Supply: 100 Million CALA Tokens

    CALA Token Distribution

    PRIVATE SALE: 10 Million CALA Tokens WILL be allocated to Venture Capitalists and Long Term Investors.
    PRE SALE: 25 Million CALA Tokens will be sold at 0.05 ADA per CALA Token to Early Buyers.
    PUBLIC SALE: 50 Million CALA Tokens will be sold at 0.5 ADA per CALA Token on Major Exchanges.

    YIELD FARMING & ECOSYSTEM FUNDS: 15 Million CALA Tokens will be reserved for Staking, Yield Farming and Ecosystem Development.

    The $CALA Token metrics are structured to capture network participants who share our vision for the long term success of the project.

    However to ensure transparency we made CALA Token a community driven token so as to increase trust for our early investors and Community Members.

    Deflationary Burn Function

    CADALAB will burn 50% of the Ecosystem Tokens and Mining Rewards over the next 2 years. Our burn function will take into account multiple factors including:

    * Token Budget not used
    * Transaction Fees
    * Network growth in TVL and users
    * The stability and health of the protocol

    The goal of the burn is deflationary, creating price stability and encouraging user network growth in the form of governance token holders.

    Further information about the proposed burn structure will be provided in subsequent blog posts as well as community voting.


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    I just reviewed your telegram where I found massive users so hope this will be very good project. I have several question such as when you will distribute giveaway token and what will be the presale token price?

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