Capitrade is a decentralized cross-chain fundraising platform that empowers startup projects under Terra Ecosystem to raise liquidity in a decentralized and fair manner while ensuring early-stage investors of their funds’ safety.

Capitrade Features

Intense Vetting Process

Capitrade is aware of the possible impact of unscrupulous elements who may try to deceive investors and sabotage the project. Hence, its mission is to bring high-quality products and projects to individuals in a decentralized and fair manner.

Fair and Decentralized Fundraising

Capitrade provides the best decentralized fundraising platform to give life to brilliant project ideas and transform them into reality. This is in recognition of the crucial role that fundraising plays in a product’s growth and development.

Access to IDEs of Terra Projects

The company also provides a user-friendly gateway where users can have smooth access to well-vetted projects building in the Terra Ecosystem and invest in them.

Capitrade Launchpad will be powered by the $CDE utility token that was built on the Terra Blockchain. It will be used as a subscription token and give holders access to the Capitrade Pre-Sale Listing Platform.

As a token holder, you will enjoy passive income while staking your token to farm Luna coin or ear more CDE. If you wish, you can combine both income-generating opportunities.

If you meet a specific utility token holding requirement, you’ll have access to some features such as multiple added-value metrics, advanced pre-sale filtering options, presale saving, and dark mode. These are exclusively reserved for this special group of investors.

Capitrade Ecosystem

The CDE token will democratize and decentralize the Capitrade Ecosystem. This enables token holders to be part of the governing council and ecosystem. They also become key architects who will make significant contributions to the decision-making process and the path the whole ecosystem takes.

The team is also ready to play an important role in offering holders more equitable token distribution, bootstrapping ecosystems, helping developers get their ideas off the ground with its $CDE token, and filtering out low-quality projects.

CDE Token Sale is live now, visit Capitrade Launchpad website page and join CDE Token Sale

Minimum Buy: 2 LUNA
Maximum Buy: 1000 LUNA

Further Info:

Founder: Eric James