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Thread: CRH plc (LON:CRH)

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    CRH plc (LON:CRH)

    CRH PLC is an Ireland-based building materials company. CRH PLC has six business segments: Europe Materials, including activities in China and India; Americas Materials; Europe Products, including activities in Australia and Southeast Asia; Americas Products; Europe Distribution, and Americas Distribution. CRH PLC’s Europe Materials manufactures and supplies cement, aggregates, concrete and asphalt products. CRH PLC’s Americas Materials business focuses on aggregates, asphalt and readymixed concrete products, and paving and construction services. The Europe Products business provides concrete products, concrete landscaping, clay products, construction accessories and outdoor security. The Americas Products business operates through the Architectural Products, Precast and BuildingEnvelope groups. The Europe Distribution business consists of DIY business, and the Sanitary, Heating and Plumbing business. The Americas Distribution business supplies Exterior Products and Interior Products.

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    Target level 1812
    Support level 1830
    StopLoss 1848


    Stock is trading in a range and line will lead to downside movement. Stock is trading below the 50 DMA with negative bias.

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    What CRH have attained in 2007 was never repeated till now

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