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Thread: Why is the Cryptocurrency Market Growing?

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    Why is the Cryptocurrency Market Growing?

    The cryptocurrency market keeps growing for many reasons. Aside from being one of the most liquid and volatile financial markets, it also offers investors and other stakeholders lots of opportunities and rewards.

    The crypto currency market is also decentralized. Without a central government or any other third partyís influence, it the market, unlike the fiat currencies, canít be manipulated.

    When is the Crypto POTE Token team announcing its utility token?

    The Crypto POTE Token team is aware of the need to create more opportunities for crypto investors in the crypto market. Thus, it has listed POPE, its utility token on June 16, 2021 on Probit. Investors can check ProBit for this token. Currently, the supported trading pair is POPE/USDT.

    What is the foundation for POPE?

    The team developed POPE on the Binance Smart Chain network. The blockchain powered project was designed on the network as well.

    What is POPE designed for?

    The utility token was designed to serve as a means of creating passive income and storing values against inflation. You donít need a previous experience knowledge to take advantage of these opportunities because holding the token enables you to earn a commission on the transaction fees collected from users.

    Who should participate in the Crypto POTE Token Movement?

    As a promising project, the Crypto POTE Token project is a great project for everyone in the cryptocurrency community. Each complete transaction on the tokenís protocol attracts a 2% fee. Token holders will share half of the fee while the other half will be burned to create scarcity for the token. This will reduce the amount of the token available for purchase.

    If the number of tokens in circulation is reduced, the token will attract higher prices, thanks to the scarcity. The scarcity will have a profound positive impact on the project. More so, token investors and holders can sell their digital assets at a pre-determined minimum price. Donít be scared of dump. A guarantee fund has been provided to take care of that.

    The guarantee is funded with 40% of the revenues generated from pre-sales. Every week, the value will be adjusted after the burn that accompanies each transaction. Thanks to this foresight, the tokenís minimum price will increase after each revision every week.

    What sets Crypto POTE Token apart from other projects?

    While several projects claim to be investors-oriented, they deviate from this claim with their high transaction fees. The Crypto POTE Token project doesnít drive investors crazy with outrageous transaction fees.

    Investors can have a foreknowledge of price depreciation and thus sell their assets at a predefined price, regardless of the current situation. The project is also designed in a way that makes token holders responsible for their digital assets.

    How does a token holder earn passive income from transaction fees?

    One of the basic requirements for earning a passive income on transaction fee is to hold a token on your wallet. If you hold a token on ProBit, the exchange wonít generate redistribution on transaction fees. Thus, you wonít be entitled to passive income from the transactions.

    This should encourage investors to consider holding their assets win more secure wallets driven by cryptocurrenciesí basic philosophy.

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