We are diving into this new defi gem: Ample Gold $AMPLG

Crowdsale and uniswap launch coming soon!

A 1.5m mcap forked from ampleforth, but with a totally different fundamental background.
They are working with paxos gold (57 million marketcap) to peg a baseprice of 0.01g gold instead of being directly pegged to fiat.
If we talk about true decentralization, this is the key to decouple from the failing current economic fiat system.

Also AMPLG improved the code with a randomized rebase timer and optimized rebase formula.

Rebase is pegged on 0.01gold which is around $0.68
Traders will buy at > $1 or $2 like ampleforth, since people like round numbers.
Rebase rates will be huge with a base price of $0.68.