DexToro ICO Token Sale is now LIVE!!!!

11/20 - 12/02

Own a piece of the future of decentralized trading. Blockchain ignited a massive technological revolution in the $1 quadrillion derivatives market, and we aim to position ourselves as the leading exchange and change this industry forever.

DexToro is a decentralized derivatives trading platform offering exposure to real-world and on-chain synthetic assets with leverage. Trade Crypto, Forex, and Commodities with up to 50x leverage, completely decentralized and self-custodial.

Purchase DTORO here:

We've already processed just north of $1m+ in trading volume since our launch 3 weeks ago on our DEX with no marketing. CEX listing CoinW coming + Seed Round from Angels and web3-focused VCs.

Our 2nd and Final ICO Token Sale

If you missed out on our 1st token sale last week at $0.08 per DexToro token, you have one last chance to secure an allocation at a slightly higher price of $0.10 per DexToro token. Once this sale closes on Saturday, 12/02, your only option will be to purchase at the current market price determined by the free market. With CoinW having over 9 million users and a full-time professional market-making team supporting DTORO, the listing price we have set for CoinW at $0.20 will quickly be met with immense buying pressure from their users, and who knows how high the price can go? The most important thing to remember is that DTORO has "REAL" utility primarily for traders to receive a discount on their trading fees via a cashback mechanism based on their total trading fees paid, and stakers can lock their tokens up and receive weekly inflationary rewards for up to 4 years. These tokenomics work in sync to ensure a smooth long-term price appreciation.

If you haven't read our whitepaper, here it is - 

Token Sale Begins at 9:00 AM EST on 11/20