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Thread: Do you enjoy with family after making big profits?

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    Do you enjoy with family after making big profits?

    It is very common that we enjoy it a lot when we make profits, but do we share the happiness with our family? I always enjoy weekend regardless of the outcome, but so far I have been rather lucky to gain good results. I find it even more beneficial with OctaFX broker, as they help me enjoy doing things with their long list of luxuries with 50% bonus on deposit scheme which can be used as well which makes it all so much comfortable.

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    Sharing is caring. That being said, if we can take care of essential and some of the luxurious needs of our family. But to do that you must earn well which needs good skills in turn! I am with FreshForex with which I can earn even passively by investing in the 48% interest scheme without any active trading! With other suitable supporting conditions like near zero spreads, fast executions and most importantly fast withdrawals, I can even trade quite well!

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    I don’t want to be harsh, but it’s childish thing. You don’t celebrate like that. But yes, I always enjoy things regardless of Big or small profits. And, I do same thing while I trade, as my broker Alpari is like a family with providing large number of benefits and features that really helps me working nicely. I love it with their zero spreads, fast execution and they have even option, so through this I can select top traders to trade around and helps a lot.

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    To be fair, it’s not about profits or losses to enjoy with family, as I do it anyway. I don’t think there should be over-excited with business, so I am not sure how it all works out. I always feel in calm zone due to broker like FreshForex who are highly supportive and got very sound structure. They have ECN account with zero spreads, lightning fast execution and 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus which is outstanding.

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    Not exactly. I like to keep things very much straight forward. I don’t believe in over-doing things or showoff. If I make profits, I do feel happy but I don’t celebrate it like mad. I am fortunate that I have FreshForex as my broker, as through their help every day for me is like celebration and helps big time.

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    No, I don’t get overexcited with these things. I believe it is absolutely crucial to keep our feet grounded instead of over doing anything. I stay the same whether its profit or loss when it comes to my family. I get great helping hand from FreshForex, who have zero spreads, lightning fast execution and instant payments.

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