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Thread: Finally I have joined TradeWiseFX!

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    Finally I have joined TradeWiseFX!

    Hello friends, I asked people here about their views about this TradeWiseFX company, it was unfortunate that not much reply was given, so finally I decided to give a go and right on the first day my capital increased 50% - I am just joking it’s due to their 50% bonus. Anyway, I am going to trade first time this week with them…. I hope things go well….. I will definitely update everyone here....Till then if you have any of your own experience with this company then please share it…

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    The choice of broker depends on individual’s requirements. But whatever you select makes sure that your time, money & effort are spent and utilized well enough! Earlier I was with IronFx broker which scammed later and seems still online. I was just starting and making good moves before they started scamming. So a good broker would serve you well later else you would become frustrated and lose lot of precious resources!

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