FLARES - Star Atlas Fleet Share

Flaresplay is a space-themed token based on a fleet of starships from the Star Atlas game.

The value of this token will be supported by the proceeds generated by the Fleet using all the best tools available to automate the return.

Airdrops of the token are planned, fleet actions as well as methods to generate profit will be shared in dedicated channels.

Description of the fleet

Flaresplay's fleet consists of a number of spaceships of different types and sizes.

The starships were purchased on the Star Atlas secondary market and are currently used to generate profit through a variety of activities, including:
Resource Mining:
Starships are used to extract valuable resources from asteroids and planets.

Combat: Starships are used to fight against other ships and to protect the fleet's assets.

Website: https://flaresplay.com

FLARESplay birdeye : https://birdeye.so/token/FLAmqVRPixD...1?chain=solana